Trusted Casino Affiliates

Trusted Casino Affiliates

This list of Casino programs was carefully picked according to trustworthiness, ethics, stability, and performance. This is by far not a list of all the available affiliate programs, but instead it means to do the legwork for you so you will not have any unexpected surprises. That’s why you won’t see any negative reviews, we don’t list the crummy ones in the first place. A lot of them are just not worth bothering with.

Of course affiliate programs are not static, they do change management periodically and it affects performance. We try to keep this page updated to reflect any such changes and so you should be fine with any of the ones listed here. I know there are a lot of sites out there that never evaluate or update the affiliate programs they recommend, but we are not one of those, we are active in the business.

There are a lot more things to consider than choosing good programs though. The more affiliates you ask whether they are successful with a specific program, the more diverse your answers will be. That’s because every website tends to attract a specific demographic, meaning a certain type of person. Try to keep a consistent look and feel to your site, and pick the type banners and offers that you think best fit your player’s interests. Make sure you describe the offers in writing and put some textlinks in the descriptions. We found that 80% of conversions come from text links.

Here is some of the terminology used in the affiliate world:

Proprietary software describes a software that is unique to the particular casino. Conversions are the number of actual players your clicks result in. Retention is the effort put  forth by the casino to keep players happy and coming back. Statistics will allow you to evaluate your work by showing you how many clicks, downloads, fun players and real players you sent, as well as your profit. Creatives are banners and other forms of visual ads CPA is a fixed amount that is paid per depositing player sent by you. Revenue share describes a percentage of the casino profits. Deposit share pays you a percentage of every deposit made by your players.

Generally you want to go with revenue share or deposit share. While CPA brings you some quick money, the other two payment methods will be much more profitable in the long run. Most programs have automatic raises built in and you can see these at their websites. It’s in the interest of the affiliate programs that you do well. So don’t be shy to contact them with questions or looking for advice for your site.